Welcome to ID Module

This is a place for instructional designers to explore, review, and comment on my work. I am the Rich Media Specialist at Granite State College (part of the University System of New Hampshire) where I am engaged with instructors and Academic Affairs staff in designing and developing online courses (with an emphasis on using rich media) and supporting professional learning for teaching online.

I come from a Communications background, and see teaching and learning online fundamentally as a challenge in mastering a mode of communication – or more appropriately, in mastering a suite of communication channels.

I often work with instructors who are making the transition from teaching face-to-face (F2F) to teaching online, where their intuitions are to simply “forklift” their in-person classroom strategies and interactions into the online environment. There are two naive (but completely understandable) assumptions about this approach: that what works F2F will work online, and that students who take online classes seek the same learning experience as those who take F2F classes. While there is some truth to these assumptions, the grammar of the teaching and learning online experience is so different, that one might call it an entirely different dialect than traditional F2F learning.

The works in this website represent the ongoing struggle to codify strategies for effective online course design. It is by no means the last word on the subject – which is why this website invites your comments and constructive insights. Please add to the content as you see fit.

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