On Asynchronous Technologies #2

Posted on Sep 8, 2009

The following is discussion question #2 submitted to the IDE-611 Discussion Board:

There is an old refrain that says “Why do we study algebra if we will never use it?

(I have yet to find a use for the Quadratic Formula).

The answer is that it is about “learning to solve problems algebraically,” whatever that means. The exact answer is not important. And no one has started a movement to stop teaching it.

Likewise, in this discussion we must ask whether learning by employing asynchronous communication technology provides any value, even if we never use it later on. Or, what if a form becomes obsolete or is relegated to the trash bin of the Hype Cycle? Have we then proceeded down this road for naught?

For example, is there such a thing as to “think bloggingly,” and if so, will its value endure beyond the possibility of blogging being marginalized by some other technology?

Question #2. Does investment in current asynchronous technologies as a learning tool pose a risk that the failure of any of them to sustain their relevance over time might also make obsolete the skills leveraged by them?

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