Instructor Presence: Discussion forum response strategies

We talk a lot about instructor presence in online teaching and learning and take for granted that it is a good thing. (It is).


Schacter & Szpunar: Enhancing Attention and Memory During Video-Recorded Lectures

During learning of video-recorded lectures, interpolated quizzing can help to produce enhanced calibration with actual performance.

Dr. Brenda Dervin – “Sense-making Methodology Reader”

Dervin’s research on situation-based information-seeking and use is the basis of User-based Design (UbD) theory. When taken into the instructional design context, UbD can inform how to design online learning systems that are complementary to the needs and behaviors of online learners.

“System and Structure” – Essays by Anthony Wilden – 1972

Wilden’s essays on analog and digital communication helped to explain, on the most rudimentary level, how information is codified into something that can be understood. Essay VIII was mailed to me by my father back in 1982. It has been a mainstay with me ever since.

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