Why use video in online instruction?

Posted on Jul 20, 2014

The following video provides an overview of the pedagogical case for using video in online instruction.

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It’s never been more easy to record and publish videos. But with this convenience comes a source of new challenges when we consider using video in online instruction.

For example, even though face-to-face instructors can hold their class’ attention for an hour or more, the same lecture presented as a video recording will likely hold viewers’ attention for about 6 minutes.

And even though video provides a strong sensory experience for viewers, videos alone do not cause learning. So what are the best ways to use video?

This guide will introduce you to some of the basics of using video in online instruction, including a section on how it helps to promote your presence in the course.

Along the way, this guide will show you a model for your own course development by mixing a variety of media: video, text, and images – all working together where their strengths are used to their fullest.

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